Health and Safety Classes is a provider of continuing education courses for the general industry including:

    -Body art          -Dental             -Food management             -Medical                                                               -Nursing           -Office skills    -Physical therapy                -and much more! 

Health and Safety Classes have trainers that are both authorized and certified outreached by OSHA and the American Red Cross.

We are an authorized provider of continuing education courses for the general industry professionals and many other industries through accredited providers.

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  • Academic                                            • Insurance                                     

  • Accounting/Finance                          • Languages                       

  • Architecture                                       •Legal/Law            

  • Beauty                                                • Leadership   

  • Business                                            • Management

  • Counseling                                         • Marketing/Sales                                      

  • Eco/Clean Tech                                 • Personal Finance

  • Electrical Engineering                      • Programming

  • Financial Markets                              • Real Estate

  • Health                                                  • Safety 

  • Human Resources                             • Security Software

  •  Industrial                                            • Telecommunication

  • Information Technology                    • Transportation

                    • Underground Storage Tanks         

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First Aid
This course teaches skills that participants need to know to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill person until more advanced medical personnel arrive and take over.   Read More…

Bloodborne Pathogen -  2 and 4 hour classes
This class meets training requirements for the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard.   Read More…

Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Knowledge - 2 and 4 hour classes available
This class will be tailored to each industry of BODY ART.  Read More…

COLOR MIXING for Tattoo and permanent make up  - 2 hour classes available
This class will teach you on how to mix colors and avoid mistakes due to skin tones, Read More…

Sanitation and Sterilization - 2 and 4 hour classes available
This class will teach how to Sanitize and Sterilize your equipment, supplies, working area and business area to protect yourself, your employees and your clients to minimize the risk of cross contamination.  Read More…

Business Set Up - 2 hour classes on location
Learn how to set up your business according to federal and state regulation. Design,  floors, walls, bathrooms, waiting area and equipment distribution to conform with your county regulations and OSHA guidelines.  Read More…

Permanent Make up Beginner class – 6 hour class
This class will introduce you to the art of permanent make up such as: Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip Liner.  You will need to purchase a small kit to practice. For more details, please contact us!

Read More…

Health and Safety Business and Operator’s Manuals

We can prepare all your Health and Safety manuals to comply with state regulations and OSHA standards, such as: Infection Control, Sanitation and Sterilization, Engineering Control; hazard control, Clean Room and any manual related to the safety of your business to minimize injuries or risk of cross contamination to yourself, your employees and your clientele. You can use these manuals to train your employees and to comply with your state regulations and inspections.
Price is subject to a consultation.