Color Mixing for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup


COLOR MIXING for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup

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This class will teach you on how to mix colors for different types of skin. This is one of the biggest problems in the Tattoo and Permanent Make Up industry. Not knowing on how the color wheel works, how to recognize skin tones or how to mix colors to achieve results desired by your clientele, will be a great challenge on your profession. If you achieve the results desired by your clients without a dramatic change on their skin afterwards of the colors applied, you will gain the trust of your clientele about your art work. This also applies for the black or grey tones in tattooing. On the body tattoo, if someone asks for a fire red color and turns out to be a purple red later or similar color, it would be disastrous to your reputation. On the permanent make up, if someone asks for an eyebrow done on a brown color in blue tones and they end up with a brown color on warm tones it would also be disastrous to your reputation. Length: 2 hours Prerequisites: 18+